Ten Years On Exhibition 

Looking at the broad range of Lutyens's work using images from our Archive







This web-based exhibition, which has been created with over 190 images from the Lutyens Trust's Photographic Archive, aims to show something of the very varied work undertaken by Sir Edwin Lutyens OM.  Given his prodigious output, this can only be a relatively brief visual insight into his work.  Here we feature around 100 works.


The successful development of the Photographic Archive since 2004 has been made possible by over 30 photographers and others who shared our vision and donated copies of over 20,000 images to the Lutyens Trust.  The Archive is now in use by the Lutyens Trust and this Exhibition is dedicated to all of our image donors.


Staircase, Heathcote, Ilkley, West Yorkshire  © Anthony Bianco 2010  LT001758
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You can move forward or back, page by page, through the Exhibition by clicking on the arrows at the foot of each page. Alternatively click on a topic from the menu on the left and navigate from there. Topics marked > have additional pages.


Please use your mouse to hover over the images and read the captions. 


Please note that a  +  symbol on a caption indicates that the work was an addition or alteration by Lutyens.

 To protect and promote the spirit and substance of the work of Sir Edwin Lutyens OM

Navigating the Exhibition and viewing images.

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Further information about  the creation of  the Photographic Archive and the wealth of material now held is provided here.  Don't miss the three Special Photo Projects pages.