Ten Years On Exhibition 

Looking at the broad range of Lutyens's work using images from our Archive





Protection - The Trust's Architectural Adviser comments and makes recommendations to owners, local authorities and other bodies on proposed changes to Lutyens’s work and from time to time to English Heritage regarding listed building classifications. To help him do this he has access to Archive material covering over 430 different works.


Promotion - The Trust uses the Archive to publicise Lutyens's work in a number of ways:


Exhibitions - "Rashtrapati Bhavan in Context - The Work of Sir Edwin Lutyens OM" Staged in 2007 at the British Council in New Delhi, this major exhibition was curated by Trustees Margaret Richardson and Paul Waite using material mainly sourced from the Archive. The Trust's next web-based exhibition will be in August 2014.


Illustrating Lectures, Events, Trust Newsletters and the Website - Images are used for a number of other purposes including the illustration  of lectures given by a number of Lutyens Trust colleagues and others in support of the Trust’s mission to promote Lutyens’s work.

 To protect and promote the spirit and substance of the work of Sir Edwin Lutyens OM

Lutyens CD Desk Calendars - 2009, 2010 and 2011 Designed in-house, the calendars featured different subjects each month. Special editions were made for a well known hotel group and another commercial business located in Lutyens-designed buildings in Hampshire, generally broadening awareness. In total, over three years, 1,000 were distributed.

Future Plans - As and when the Trust's resources permit it is hoped to expand use of the Archive and provide wider access to our images but at the present time third party access is not available.

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