Ten Years On Exhibition 

Looking at the broad range of Lutyens's work using images from our Archive





Concept - The concept was simple: encourage Lutyens Trust members and others to donate copies of their images to create a comprehensive visual record of Sir Edwin Lutyens's very significant body of work.  In late 2003, the idea of creating a Photographic Archive was proposed.  The Trustees supported the idea and a Photographic Archive Committee (PAC) was established in early 2004.

Image Management Progress - Work has been ongoing since 2003 but over the last three years significant progress has been made to reorganise the increasing number of images received.         In 2011 the Archive was reconfigured, the folder structure for over 700 commissions was created and the related static data input.  During the last two years over 19,000 images have been identified, sorted, uploaded to the Digital Asset Management system and then further catalogued.


Web-based Systems - In June 2011 the Trustees agreed a proposal to use Third Light Ltd’s IMS Digital Asset Management (DAM) System. So despite operating within a very low budget the Trust is making good use of the latest DAM technology which combines "cloud" storage and access via the web along with the ability to track, audit, log and monitor everything in one place.


Current Position - Ten years on, the Lutyens Trust now has a very substantial image collection with over 20,000 photographs.  Some 16,000 of these relate specifically to

Lutyens and are spread across 432 works, providing 60% coverage of his built commissions.

Entrance, Castle Drogo, Devon © Andrew Barnett 2013  LT003122
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 To protect and promote the spirit and substance of the work of Sir Edwin Lutyens OM

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Image Donations - Initially images were donated by a few Trust members but as the Archive project became more widely known the number of donors has expanded to over 30. Donations range from a few images to a collection of 2,500 covering over 150 properties. In 2012 the family of the architect E.E. Hall donated 200 images of New Delhi taken during its construction.  The Archive has also been significantly augmented by Trust volunteers carrying out several major photo-recording projects.